Miss StrawberryThe Frugal Fruit Family offers offers personalized children’s books and inspirational writings by Barbara Modena. Barbara’s Frugal Fruit Family & Friends series consists of coloring and activity books with story line features. The adventures of Miss Strawberry, Plum Good, and Miss Bee in a “A Fun Story About Dinosaurs” is fun for kids to both read and color.

Frugal Fruit coloring books are a legacy and provide a connection gateway between parents and children. The reading and activity elements allow your children and grandchildren to learn about their world and express their natural creativity. We focus on themes that will encourage your child to be physically fit, mentally alert, and spiritually aware for their future.

Kids Can Be Kids… and Learning is Fun!

Frugal Fruit Family let’s the learning and play go hand-in-hand. We offer a wide range of fun activities designed to help your child enjoy discovering their world, including coloring, educational activities, and story time.

We have the enthusiasm, compassion and experience to create quality, safe, loving, and engaging products for your child. Barbara Modena is professionally trained and certified in Early Child Care and approaches each book that she creates with her unique background, knowledge, care, and a spin of fun in the process.

The books from Frugal Fruit Family are not just for children, they are also appreciated by the young-at-heart. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles alike can share in the experience that a child encounters within the pages of every book. The bonds between family members embarking on a journey of the Frugal Fruit Family & Friends, are strengthened by the shared experience of discovery and the engaging activities. The development of the learning process in children is incredibly complex, and when they are allowed to express their uniqueness and individual creativity, positive change is the result. Our books encourage this development in your child… and they’re also simply just FUN to read and enjoy!

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